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We are pleased to introduce a new range of EHC Series Compact Reading Heads and Magnetic Tape Encoders.

This new range features the DRO-MG-EH-05C Compact reading head, which offers a smaller reading head size compared with our standard EH series head. With the self-adhesive magnetic tape strip, it can be mounted directly to the surface and an additional stainless steel protective cover strip. To find out more about our new range, please click here.

If you have any questions, please contact our Technical Product Specialist on 01992 455921 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your requirements.

Our Variable transformers (or Regavolt® as we call them) can deliver a user adjustable output voltage, usually between 0-100% or 0-113% of the input voltage depending on model. These transformers are used in a wide variety of different applications, but are the most commonly found in industrial settings. Often controlled with an optional knob dial, Regavolts are generally used in applications where you need to adjust (ramp up or down) the AC input voltage for a piece of test equipment to a voltage other than that delivered by the energy provider.

Although they operate on similar principles, Regavolts do vary from standard transformers due to the autotransformer design meaning that they only have a single coil which means that there is no physical separation between the voltage source and the load. But how do Regavolts work? As you turn the dial knob, a carbon roller brush moves across an exposed part of the windings, as the brush moves from the neutral connection end to the live connection end the voltage increases. There are often several additional windings past the Live 230v termination which allow you to achieve an output voltage greater than the original input voltage, giving an output of up to 113% of the input voltage.

There are a huge range of uses for, you can use them in any application where the amount of voltage needs to be varied on the fly. Other uses include speeding up or slowing down AC electric motors, making lights brighter or dimmer and also for testing purposes, to achieve output voltages up to 260V from a standard 230V AC supply.

Please click here to see our Variable Transformer range, or contact our Product Specialist on 01992 455930.

Regavolt® is a registered Trade Mark of The Allendale Group Limited.

It’s always a fantastic show to attend and we’re delighted to be exhibiting at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2019 as we showcase our Machine-DRO and Allendale Ultrasonics products. The event will be held in Farnborough from 5th – 7th February and it’s the most comprehensive annual industrial exhibition in the UK, so it can’t be missed if your background is in industrial manufacturing

Find us on Stand H155 where you will be able to talk to our Technical Product Specialists about our products and any challenges you currently face linked to our product lines. We look forward to meeting and speaking with experts in this field, as well as forming new relationships with visitors. Find out more about this event by clicking here.

There has been a minor amendment to our opening hours which will only apply on Friday’s going forward.

We will be open at 8am until 4:30pm on every Friday of the week. Monday to Thursday will continue with normal opening hours which are 9am until 5:30pm. These changes are for all Allendale Group stores and same day shipping on all items will still apply on orders placed before 3pm.

DRO Consoles benefit machinists of all skill levels and bring a new degree of accuracy to the projects that require absolute measurements. For one of our customers who previously purchased a M-DRO System (now a discontinued display) from us in the past, it has helped him achieve the accuracy needed to get the job done.

This is what he had to say:‘It really is the best thing an amateur machinist can buy. It improves the users accuracy tenfold and is so useful in simple jobs. Whilst I currently only use it on one setting, measuring the amount of cut I know it does so much more.’

If you would like to experience pin-point accuracy on your Lathe/Milling Machine, browse our DRO Packages by clicking here. Alternatively, you can contact a Product Specialist on 01992 455921.


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