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We have many customers sending us their fantastic projects with the help of our products, this time it is our EagleEye unit which has been fundamental to this ground station project which is almost completed, called ‘The Death Ray’. With the fitting of our EagleEye unit, our customer has created his very own custom tracker system container which will enable him to track live data of his RC Models when they are flying around the skies.

The extra LED screen takes note of the GPS co-ordinates and the phono sockets have been extended because the sockets are at the back of the EagleEyes. The DVR unit will be sitting on top of the station, with the temporary wiring at the back will power the DVR.

We’re looking forward to seeing the completed Death Ray in action with a live logging system of the RC Model’s performance in the sky.

For more information about our EagleEye systems, please visit:

A big thank you to the organisers of a fantastic event held at the Marriott Hotel in Cheshunt which we attended, focusing on protecting your business with cyber security.

The challenges associated with cyber-crime can be overwhelming which is why the Hertfordshire Growth Hub, Hertfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner and his Independent Business Advisory Group held a dynamic seminar about cyber security to help our staff gain a greater understanding of the steps we can take to protect our business and data. 80% of cyber security breaches can be prevented by putting security basics in place, and after attending this seminar, we feel confident in the steps we have already taken in keeping data secure.

We look forward to attending another event soon hosted by the Hertfordshire Growth Hub.

Magicians and Illusionists have done controlled testing in human perception for thousands of years and they continue to be one of the best forms of entertainment amongst everyone to this very day. But with all great Magicians, they must have mind-bending tricks and the highest quality tools/equipment to help them with their performances.

Luckily, our Aluminium Flight Cases and Foam Inserts have been a hit amongst the magician community, with our Flight Cases flying off the shelves (quite literally!). We have taken a large order for a particular Magician in Norway for our Flight Cases and Foam Inserts, which shows that our Flight Cases are helping people across the world, not only for Magicians/Illusionists, but for people in all kinds of industries.

Our Flight Cases and Foam Inserts from Cases and Enclosures are robust, easy to carry and with the introduction of our new CNC Foam Cutting Service, they are completely customisable to your specification. For more information about our range of Cases, Enclosures, Foam Inserts and Spare Parts, please visit or contact us today.

The upcoming BBC1 game show, Chase the Case hosted by Dan Walker, have recently ordered some of our C203 Aluminium Cases and will be the star of the show! The program is a new "strategy game show" in which 5 contestants have to trade general knowledge for information in order to secure the briefcase with the biggest prize inside. As the contestants are never allowed to see inside their own case, the only way to figure out what they are carrying is by the power of deduction. We can only guess what they might keep safe and secure in our cases. With the game show airing soon we are eager to find out what's inside.

When it comes to measuring external grooves, most measuring tools will struggle to give you an accurate reading. However, thanks to the Moore and Wright 120 Series Caliper, measuring external grooves has never been easier. Measure up to 150mm (6") and with its two raised pins, it allows access into external grooves, circlip recess and over stepped work pieces. The jaws and slide are made from hardened stainless steel and has an easy to read LCD display which will convert to mm/inch.

With a resolution of 0.01mm (0.0005") and accuracy of +/-0.03mm (0.0016 "), you will be sure that whatever you’re measuring, it will be pin point accuracy every time.

For more information, please click here.

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