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On behalf of the Allendale Group and ALFA products, please be aware of fake ALFA WIFI Units on the UK market place (including eBay & Amazon) and do not get caught out by these inferior replicas. We are a fully accredited authorised distributor of ALFA products and we only sell genuine ALFA products across our WIFI Antenna, GSM Antenna & CCTV Antenna stores.

If you have recently purchased ALFA products from anywhere apart from the Allendale Group, we encourage you to check the serial number of the ALFA unit(s) and get verification that your product is genuine and not a fake.

Please click here to browse our genuine ALFA stock, alternatively you can speak to our Product Specialist on 01992 455922.

After a very successful installation of DRO-KIT-54 for our customer's Milling Machine, it’s fair to say that we have another very happy DRO customer. Their Milling Machine setup looks fantastic and with the addition of our Magnetic Encoders and Easson Console, manufacturing a large quantity of identical cogs has boosted the production time and resulted in more accurate finishes.

Our universal DRO-KIT for Lathes and Mills (part no: DRO-KIT-54) includes a 3 Axis Easson ES-12B LCD with graphic digital readout package and three magnetic encoders. The encoders offer a very compact profile size and can be cut to length to custom fit the machine being installed. The package is suitable for mills up to Bridgeport 42" sized machines or 30" between centre lathes. The kit includes a universal bracket set which offers a wide range of mounting configurations.

The Easson ES-12 (part no: DRO-ES-12B-3LCD) has a large colour 7" LCD graphical digital readout display with 3 axis input and is a universal Milling and Lathe function DRO System. The console is durable and easy to wipe clean, the front panel graphic overlay has PCB mount switches for reliability. This DRO Console is also available as a landscape display (part no: DRO-ES-12C-3LCD) rather than portrait and both are supplied with a mounting arm. Setup is easy and comes with a step by step graphical guidance for DRO functions when entering required parameters.

For more information about this Easson DRO Console, please click here. Alternatively, please contact our Product Specialist on 01992 455921.

Get the latest offers on the highly regarded Moore & Wright range with up to 50% OFF on selected products. Whether you’re looking for Calipers, Indicators, Bore Gauges, Micrometers and more, this hotlist will have a discounted price on available products. Offers included in this hotlist are valid until 31/03/2019.

Please click here to view the latest Moore & Wright Hotlist brochure, or contact our Product Specialist on 01992 455921.

Picked by the dedicated Product Specialists – Our new collection of staff picks have been collated and been published in our latest Allendale Hotlist which includes the most popular and the newest products from each of our Allendale brands. This essential publication was made for professional and hobbyist electronic and mechanical engineers as well as communications components, arts & crafts enthusiasts, equipment cases, technical measuring instruments and lots more.

Our unique collection of products provides you with customer value and ease of purchase, all in one place, backed by superior customer support and service. Available to download now or copies available upon request by contacting us on 01992 450 780 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Jodhpur Company have taken a shot with us and have purchased our Rifle/Shotgun Aluminium Flight Case (part no: EN-AC-FG-A486) to protect and carry their licensed Rifle. The customer was looking for a durable and presentable protective case for an extremely valuable and precious item, which is why he opted for our case which is exactly what he was looking for (in terms of spec and price). To add extra protection, the Rifle Aluminium Case came with egg foam protection on the lid and base of the case, to stop any knocks and scratches to the Rifle whilst transporting it from place to place.

The Jodhpur Company are a versatile fashion lifestyle brand who combine centuries of best practice in traditional tailoring with the vibrancy of India during the bygone days of British rule. Find them on Instagram here.

For more information about this case, please click here. Alternatively, speak to our Product Specialist on 01992 455926.

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