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We’re very excited and proud new sponsors of the University of Wolverhampton’s F3 Cup Team and Formula Student Car with our ROC Cases.

We are the exclusive Flight Case sponsors of

As seen on Episode 24, Series 4 of The Repair Shop - Music box maestro, Stephen Kember is on hand to welcome an unusual item into the barn: a wooden bench from Switzerland, with two carved bears, proudly standing sentinel on either side of a seat that plays a tune when sat upon.

Our Ultrasonic Cleaner features in this episode to clean the musical mechanism (called the Guvnor) which helps regulate the speed the mechanism turns. Stephen says; “This is a lovely and gentle way of shaking all of the debris out of the Guvnor and all of the congealed oil out of the bearings. It will do a lovely job and there will be no abrasion, no risk from cleaning of scrubbing, it’s just going to do its job.” As the musical mechanism is then taken out after the cleaning cycle has finished, Stephen says; “We’ve got a beautifully sparkly clean Guvnor… now it’s running quite nicely.”

To find out more about this episode, please click here.

Contact our Technical Product Specialists to find out more about our Ultrasonic Cleaners on 01992 363 125.

If you’re new to Bare Conductive’s Electric Paint, it’s just like any other water-based paint, except that it conducts electricity and allows you to make your projects interactive. Paint wires or sensors directly onto almost any material around you, including paper, wood, plastic and glass, then watch it come to life. Here are some quick and easy ideas on what you can do with Electric Paint.

  1. Paint a Capacitive Sensor - Turn your simple piece of paper into a capacitive sensor with Bare Conductive Electric Paint. The surface becomes conductive once the paint is applied, so when it’s connected to a small device like the Bare Conductive Touch Board, you can experiment with triggering audio and visuals by simply touching or hovering your hand over the paper.
  2. Use it with Stencils – If you want perfect graphics, using a stencil (paper or plastic) will allow you to paint perfect circuits and sensors easily with Electric Paint. You can use a pre-made stencil, or use masking tape, vinyl or paper to produce clean straight lines and shapes.
  3. Paint a Talking Poster – Yes, you read that right. Pick up some Electric Paint and a paintbrush and get started on creating a fully interactive poster design. Want to add music or sound effects? Easy. Either paint straight to the Touch Board or use Alligator Clips make each drawing into a sensor. Even the children can get involved as Bare Conductive Electric Paint is non-toxic and easy to use.
  4. Screen Print It – If you want to create a precise and repeatable graphic, you could give screen printing Electric Paint a try. Whether you are making graphical circuits or visual sensors, this technique allows you to control the shape and complexity of your design and it’s easy to duplicate this multiple times. You can print the paint on textiles, ceramics, wood, paper, glass, or plastic.
  5. Create Liquid Switches – Now, if you’re up for the challenge or you’re a pro, this one’s for you. A unique feature of Electric Paint is that it can be used in liquid form. Make your own tilt switch by submerging a spoonful of paint in baby oil, or let droplets of the material make contact with your circuit to set it off at different intervals. Give your projects new form, and experiment with liquid switches to trigger sound or light.

Browse our full range of Bare Conductive products by clicking here. Alternatively, you can contact our Technical Product Specialist for more information on 01992 455936.

(Credit: Bare Conductive)

The Allendale Group team enjoyed a night of fun (and slightly competitive) mini-golf, with a great meal at Firejacks once everyone had finished on the course, followed by more tasty courses at the restaurant. There were quite a few hole-in-ones but it was our IT Director, Scott, that took the crown this time around with a score of 43.

It was a great evening enjoyed by all and it was a good opportunity for everyone to meet and get to know our new Technical Product Specialist, Phil Cadman, a little more as well. Phil was at Bowers Group for 16 years and brings a wealth of Metrology knowledge with him to the Allendale Group & Machine DRO, we’re looking forward to what the future has in store with Phil onboard.

To celebrate the new sponsorship of our Cases & Enclosures ROC Cases brand with UWR, we are giving you to WIN 3x Saturday and 3x Sunday tickets to the final race weekend of the F3 Cup at Snetterton Race Circuit. That’s not all, enjoy a whole day of racing from a variety of competitions such as the BMW Championship, Mini Challenge, Z Cars and more, as well as a guided tour of the garage set-up and meet the UWR racing driver, Shane Kelly.

For a chance to WIN up to 6 tickets for Saturday & Sunday, please follow these easy steps:

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• Tag 2 friends who you’d like to bring with you

Winner of the 3x Saturday & 3x Sunday tickets will be picked at random and announced on 14th October at 12pm (UK time) on our social media pages.

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